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Love rewards from local businesses?

Can you feel the love? Frequent Pass is a new app Phone with bar codethat some smart, hip businesses are using to replace paper punch cards and plastic loyalty cards.

Get the App

There are two easy ways to the get the app. You choose.

  • Go to your app store: for iPhone or Android devices
  • Text: ‘app’ to 720.924.7277 and get a link to download the app

Whether you’re here because a favorite merchant or organization is now using the Frequent Pass program or because you’re interested in supporting a sustainable “shop local” movement, you’re in for a rewarding experience! With Frequent Pass on your smart phone, you’ll:

Recommend your favorite local merchants

Once you’ve made friends with Frequent Pass, please tell all of your favorite merchants. Our system works well for products and services – but also for any business or organization that relies on referrals and sales from loyal customers like you. See a list of examples here. We’re free to you, inexpensive to them. And as word spreads, you’ll enjoy managing more of your rewards in just one fantastic app.

If you want us to contact a merchant or even a local business district, just say the word. We love to help great businesses and organizations cultivate and reward their customers and referrals!