Our Story & Team

The Story

It happens to all of us: customers get a key tag – or a paper punch card – from a business and wonder, “Do I need to keep track of this thing? How long will it take for me to earn a reward anyway?” Businesses wonder, “Are we doing enough to make our loyal customers feel rewarded? Can we reward referrals?”

One day in early 2012, our founder and CEO Rahim Rahman was offered a key tag loyalty card while getting an oil change. Rahim, a Colorado School of Mines alum with extensive experience in developing technology and e-commerce platforms, thought, “Someone should write a mobile app to help businesses and customers stay in sync more easily. Why don’t I write it?” And then he did.

Soon, his business plan placed 4th in one category at the University of Colorado Denver’s 2012 Business Plan competition, and the concept has been praised for both its straightforward usefulness and its revolutionary win-win approach to point-of-service loyalty programs.

Our small-but-mighty team launched Frequent Pass in the summer of 2012 with a focus on early adoption by select local merchants and business districts while maintaining a record of 100% client retention. We are proud to offer personal support as our smart-growth model continues throughout Colorado and beyond. From food shops (and trucks!) to any business or organization that wants to cultivate repeat customers, fans, or followers, Frequent Pass is the new way to have it all – literally – in the palm of your hand.


Our Team


Rahim Rahman “R2” RR-Vail

CEO / Founder

Day job: Experienced technology and e-commerce application developer who knows how to solve problems and wants to connect communities.



    • First neighborhood: Golden, Colorado
    • Current neighborhood: Berkeley, Colorado
    • Best vacation ever: Alaska!
    • Got a pet? I’m working on it.
    • I always root for: the winning team, i.e., the Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, and San Francisco Giants.

When I shop local, I feel: like my money is doing good in the ‘hood. It circulates locally and benefits all of us.

I wish there was a loyalty rewards program for: every Colorado brewery. And once they all use Frequent Pass, a few beers won’t stop me from remembering my punch card!

Which FQP team member would be most likely to use a friend’s purchase for his or her own punch? I would totally do this.

Which FQP team member probably earns the most rewards from merchants? Megan. She’s on top of things.

Number of apps on my phone: 107, but I think I only really need 20.

How many smart phones have I owned? All of the iPhones plus one HTC Evo. I need them for app testing.

Unusual talents? Awesome party tricks. Great conversation starters.

Creative use for old punch cards: I have an idea… stay tuned for my artistic masterpiece!


George Gastis GG-Silverton

COO / Founder

Day job: Founded and runs BrainSpark Media, an award-winning, Denver-based digital agency that creates smart, inventive brand experiences that focus on business performance.



    • First neighborhood: Fairview Park (Cleveland), Ohio
    • Current neighborhood: Platt Park (S. Denver), Colorado
    • Best vacation ever: Greece, summer 2011. We finally introduced the kids to my Greek relatives.
    • Got a pet? Daisy, our family mutt and DDFL special, a.k.a. Crazy Daisy, D-dawg, Meat.
    • I always root for: Cleveland (now, that’s loyalty), OSU Buckeyes football, Broncos and Rapids (local), Greece and Chelsea FC abroad.

I wish there was a loyalty rewards program for: attending youth sports activities.

What makes me a loyal customer: Businesses that offer quality products and services that I feel good supporting – and that I believe value my business and recognize my loyalty.

Which FQP team member would be most likely to use a friend’s purchase for his or her own punch? Rahim. I’d be most likely to forget my punch card and let him.

Number of apps on my phone: 78, not counting the pre-installed ones.

Unusual talents? Master composter, uncanny recall of vintage song lyrics and movie/sit-com lines.

Creative use for old punch cards: A toothpick when one is not available.


Megan Brown  MB-Nepal

Director of Business Development

Day job: Experienced marketer who loves building partnerships, working with startups and helping companies grow and evolve.



  • First neighborhood: Platt Park (S. Denver), Colorado
  • Current neighborhood: Sloan’s Lake, Colorado
  • Best vacation ever: Grand Canyon – a week of rafting and camping.
  • Hobbies: Photography, soccer, running, camping, pretending I’m a good snowboarder.
  • Got a pet? Mandy, a rescued yellow lab: hyper, very loveable, and slightly neurotic.
  • I always root for: Patriots, Red Sox, Rapids.

I wish there was a loyalty rewards program for: health clubs, parking meters, and sweet potato fries. Yes, there’s a correlation!

What makes me a loyal customer: When I love the products and services, but also when I see that a business is engaged in the community. Getting recognized as a frequent customer also feels good.

When I shop local, I feel: connected to my favorite neighborhoods. I love to meet and support the small business owners close to where I live and work.

Number of apps on my phone: 60

Unusual talents? Opening a chocolate bar and only eating two squares, walking on my hands, saying my ‘Rs,’ even though I grew up in Boston.

Creative use for old punch cards: Origami birds